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Be Found Above Your Competitors

What do potential clients see when they search for the services you offer — you or your competitors? Search engine marketing is arguably the most important form of marketing today. It’s also what we do best. From boosting search result positions to increasing your reviews, we give you a compelling online presence that crushes the competition and drives traffic to your business.

Grow your clientele with the latest search strategy

Keyword Research

We start every campaign by painting a picture of your target audience and researching the key phrases they search in the search engines. That information allows us to build a search engine campaign targeted to your potential clients. We track your ongoing rankings for each of the target key phrases to measure our progress.

Social Profile Optimization

From both a branding and search perspective, it is important that all of your social media profiles are unified in their content, descriptions, posts, and media elements. We will accomplish that and link everything together to form a cohesive social presence as a part of a larger online strategy.

Website Penalty Analysis

Website penalty analysis is an often overlooked, but incredibly important task when beginning a new search engine marketing campaign, especially if you have ever hired an SEO consultant in the past. Less-scrupulous marketers use temporary tricks to boost search rankings that can be devastating in the long-run. When search engines catch on to the latest trick, they update their algorithms to drop the ranking of suspected websites. To make matters worse, Google does not alert you if your site has been penalized. We conduct a penalty analysis early and address any problems. This usually includes disavowing bad links (link networks, blog comments, malware, spammy press releases, etc.) and requesting a manual review.

Review Management

Not only do online reviews have an impact on your search result rankings, but they are also a major influence on buyer behavior. After conducting a local review audit, we implement automated review software to encourage new reviews, prevent and address negative reviews, and track progress. Don’t underestimate the power of your online reputation!

Local Award Nominations

Local award nominations can help boost your search result rankings when done correctly. We research local awards and nominate you for everything relevant to your business.

On-Page Optimization

To make sure we have a solid base to build an external search campaign from, we make sure all of your website’s internal elements are optimized for your audience and the search engines. This may include your website structure, html tags, meta data, page titles, images, page text, call-to-action elements, and more.

Google MyBusiness Audit

We create your Google MyBusiness listing with consistent NAP, find and destroy duplicate pages, address any listing penalties, verify business ownership, create a virtual tour with a Google trusted photographer, and fully optimize your profile for local search and Google Maps results.

Competitor Analysis

We identify who your top competitors are from an online perspective, conduct a deep analysis of their search ranking factors, use the data we collect to find new opportunities, and perform ongoing competitor tracking. We include a snapshot of real-time competitor stats in your analytics portal so you can watch how they progress.

Online Outreach

Online outreach is a core element of a solid on-going search engine strategy. We connect with local websites, industry specific websites, and media outlets in an organic way to acquire powerful backlinks that send strong local authority signals to the search engines. Even just a few of these kinds of links can put you way ahead of your competitors in local search results. We even monitor journalist requests and will recommend you as an information source if we see a request relevant to you.

Broken Link Building

If you didn’t know already, a backlink is acquired when an external website links to your website. Quality backlinks from relevant sources send authority signals to the search engines and increase your search rankings. Broken link building is one of the many strategies we use to expand your backlink profile, and has two main parts. We use crawling tools to find websites that link to a broken page on your website (occurs when a page is deleted or moved) and alert the site owner to update the link. We also crawl the web to find broken links that never linked to you in the first place. If we find a broken link that could be updated to a page on your website, we kindly message the website owner with the recommendation.

CDN Implementation

Search engines like Google value website load times and will rank your website higher if it loads faster. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) decreases website load time by hosting content on powerful cloud servers. We will implement a CDN like Amazon S3 and Cloudfront to serve your website at the fastest speeds available.

External Citation Audit

An “external citation” is any place your business information is listed online. This may include local listings and business directories, but is not limited to those sources alone. When it comes to citations, more is not necessarily better and it is critical that you have consistent name, address, phone number, and website (called “NAP”) across all websites. Inconsistencies do major damage to your search rankings. A full citation audit is one of the first things we do in a search campaign. We ensure consistent NAP and may remove or disavow damaging citations.

Local Listing Creation

After we clean up your existing external citations, we create profiles of your business on the top 50+ data aggregators and online listing sources that make sense to your business (both free and paid). We ensure consistent NAP throughout the process. Quality listing sources send signals to the search engines which help you rank for local key phrases and search terms.

Digital Content Creation

Search engines value websites with a lot of strong, relevant content. Content creation is also integral to expanding your presence on social media. Website content is a strong tool that can be used in a variety of way, and we make the most of it. We produce localized content to send local ranking signals and industry specific content to boost your rankings for key phrases relevant to you. We then share the content across all of your social profiles and tag anyone who may have been featured. All content is produced by highly reviewed professionals in your industry and managed by us.

Ongoing Search Strategy

Search engine marketing is an on-going process. Increasing your position in the search engines is a marathon and there are no safe shortcuts. An on-going search engine marketing campaign includes the hard-hitting strategies laid out on this page, but it doesn’t end there. Search engines are in a constant state of change and rankings will fall without vigilance. New ranking factors come and go, so we stay creative and up-to-date with every change along the way.



Online Advertising


  • Develop your target audience
  • Target by demographic, interests, and keyword search patterns
  • Ensure your ads are seen by the right people


  • Track custom campaign goals like phone calls & interactions
  • Discover your best traffic sources
  • Identify your highest performing ad copy


  • Revise underperforming ads
  • Adjust targeting techniques to focus on converting traffic
  • Maximize the impact made by every ad dollar

Advertise on Powerful Platforms

Advertise on the platforms that make sense to your business. We’ll help you be seen on Google AdWords, the Yahoo Bing Ad Network, Facebook Ads, and more.

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Preston is a Nashville native with a knack for front end web development, analytical business optimization, and social media. When he’s not knee deep in code he enjoys traveling and playing music.

Taylor Thomas
Taylor earned his BBA from Belmont University and has a passion for business strategy, search engine marketing, and Anthony Bourdain. At home you’ll find him painting or planning his next adventure.

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